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Are you having trouble with your TV or internet reception? Sick of the reception dropping out halfway through the middle of your favourite show? Thankfully, Reecomm’s team of data and communication specialists can get your connections sorted, so you can get back to watching your show without interruptions.

Our team is comprised of licensed and fully qualified TV antenna installers and data cablers who can offer you all the services you require to maintain a reliable connection for your internet, phone and TV. Whether you require these services at home or at your business, we have the skills to work around the current connections and create upgraded connections that will leave you with reliable reception 24/7. From aligning your TV antenna to updating your NBN cables for a faster internet connection, we offer reliable, effective solutions for small units and houses right through to large commercial buildings.

The NBN or National Broadband Network has been operating since 2011. However, throughout our time working with cabling, data and communication networks, we have discovered that many homes are not well-equipped to manage an NBN installation. If you are considering getting NBN installed for the first time, we can help you get acquire and install all of the relevant cables and equipment into place prior to installation. If you have had NBN installed previously and you’re unhappy with its location or its performance, get in contact with the team at Reecomm by clicking here.  We have the skills and capabilities to ensure that your home or business internet is working exactly the way you want it to.

Our TV and TV antenna installation services can also provide you with an easy set up when installing a new TV, or moving an old TV to a new location. If you need a new antenna outlet connection installed, we can take care of that for you. We can also provide wall mounting to have your new TV looking sleek and modern. We supply top of the range mounting brackets to ensure your TV is safe. We can also tidy up the common mess of cables that are usually found around entertainment units, organising your cables for a clean look. Concealed wiring is vital when it comes to wall mounting TVs, so we can take care of this for you too.

If you want to learn more about the various data and communication services that we offer for TVs, NBN connections and more, be sure to contact the data specialists at Reecomm. Our team of data and communication professionals have over 10 years of experience, allowing us to connect all of your devices and ensure that they stay connected without issue. If you are based on the Mornington Peninsula or Bayside Melbourne, we can arrange a free, no-obligation quote to get an understanding of what you’re after. From there we can determine a plan of action and carry out shortly after to get your reception working faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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