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A home intercom system is a means of communication that can give you points of contact at your front gate, your front door, or other rooms and areas within your home or business. Someone can walk up to your front gate and press the bell, which comes through over your intercom system. You will then have the ability to see this person and communicate with them through the intercom.

Intercom systems are highly regarded for the improvements they make to home security. You no longer have to wonder who is at the front door before opening it. Now you can ensure that you know who the person is and why they’re ringing your doorbell without even standing up. You can even access the video and audio streams from a mobile phone when you’re not home.

Home intercom systems are great for single-family homes, commercial buildings, apartment complexes and other residential communities. They provide an intuitive way to make contact with those outside your property, as well as giving you the ability to control who is allowed access. 

Not only do our intercom security systems provide you and your family with safety and additional security, you can also use these systems as an in-home communication system, allowing you to communicate from room to room with ease.

We offer high-quality products to provide crystal clear video and audio so you know exactly who is ringing and what they’re saying. You’ll never be left wondering who is ringing your doorbell again.

At Reecomm, we pride ourselves on our high-quality customer service, providing training, aftercare and support to our clients to ensure they understand exactly how to operate their new intercom system. We offer top of the range products at an affordable price, so that everyone can install an intercom system and improve their home security.

Why install an intercom system?

Interested in learning more about home intercom systems? Check out our blog How do home intercom systems work.

If you would like to learn more about how an intercom system could improve your home security on the Mornington Peninsula or the surrounding areas, please contact the Reecomm team by clicking here. Our security experts can arrange an obligation free quote to help you protect your home or business today.

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